Discovers best meal practices based on your individual needs. Provides recipes, meal planning, education, coaching and 1 on 1 support & accountability. Provides a platform to create a lifestyle of health and wellness.

If interested in our Whole Health program please contact Holly Merrell:


Student Athletes

Free 1 hour consult with parent/guardian and student to assess current nutrition. We will discuss how to properly fuel your students body in order to meet performance goals.

  • 4 weeks of meal plans

  • $125 includes weekly check-in with coach via email

  • $150 includes 15 minute in person weekly check-in’s

  • Every 4 weeks they sign up for includes a 1 hour sit-down to assess performance and provide nutrition training


Whole Living Guide

We believe that in order to live a whole life you need to feed your body well! Our Whole Living Guide will provide basic knowledge on what foods are best for your body to consume. We will focus on how to live a lifestyle of fueling your body while maintaining balance.

  • Free 30-45 min consult

  • 2 appointments over 4 weeks.

  • Every week you will receive 5 new recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snacks.

  • $199 for 4-weeks

  • $350 for 8-weeks


Personalized Health Coaching

We all have unique goals and our bodies respond differently. Through Wimberly Whole Health we take a personalized approach to helping you feel your best and reach your goals. There is a greater likelihood of success when you have accountability. Your coach will help keep you accountable to your goals of overall health, performance or weight loss.

  • Free consultation

  • Weekly meal plans, education, access to coach via email.  

  • $85 per week, 4 week minimum commitment.

  • You get access to your coach through 1 mid-week email check-in and one weekly 15 minute phone call.

  • (2) 30-45 minute meetings per month and weekly emails with your coach.