All of our trainers are certified in their specialty programs. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.


Justin Wimberly

Owner & Trainer
Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology
ACE Certified Trainer
TRX Certified

Justin has worked with a variety of people - from the average person to the athlete, even the disabled and the injured. His passion to help people has grown through his own personal experience of playing sports and having to rehabilitate from his own injuries.

After a broken leg that ended a successful career at Tumwater High School, he thought all my dreams and aspirations of playing college football were gone. After a long journey of rehabilitation, his dream to play college football was revived when he was accepted to Whitworth University as a starting Tight End for three years.  As an intern at the on-campus fitness center, his role was to take clients of all abilities and help them overcome their obstacles to achieve their personal goals. It’s through these experiences that he decided to start his own business, to help others overcome and achieve their dreams.


Katie Hargrave

Health Coach & Trainer
Holistic Health Coaching Certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
ACE Certified Trainer
Published Author of "The Athlete After: A 10-Week Guide to Balancing Life After Sports"

Having been a competitive athlete for 15 years, Katie understands the importance of food and proper training in reaching physical goals. In 2011, she “retired” from basketball after her time at Saint Martin’s University and realized at the time she didn’t know how to eat or exercise when it wasn’t for her sport. She spent several years researching and trying different plans until she was able to find balance. Through the process, she realized her passion is helping others in their journey of finding balanced health.

Dara Smith

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Having been an athlete since a child competing in a variety of sports and competitions, Dara started her professional training career in water fitness, Fitness Boot Camp, and personal training. She has also coached Crossfit Unloaded, Kids Crossfit and her favorite - Foundations of Crossfit. Her philosophy is "form plus intensity equals RESULTS!" She has a passion for helping people reach their goals by living a healthy and functional lifestyle, and loves to see an athlete perform at their max capacity and push through thresholds they thought were once unachievable. 

Dara is currently seeking her personal training certification and Sport Nutrition Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She also competed in her first National Physique Committee (NPC) Figure Show this past April and plans to do more in the future.

Tracy Crocker

CrossFit Level 1 Certification
USAW Weightlifting Certification

Tracy has been doing CrossFIt and Olympic Weightlifting for 4 years, and has had tremendous success in transforming her own body and many others through the hard work and philosophies of weightlifting, functional movements and flexible dieting. I know... how valuable strength is for your body and for your future as an athlete. It is my passion to help you find what makes you feel confident in your skin.

I can’t wait to help you see the joy in gaining strength, meeting goals and seeing progress. Whether your plan is to lose weight, gain lean muscle, or bulk up, I am confident that I will help!

Lucas Vasilauskas

NASM Certified Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Lucas started personal training about 3 years ago. His fitness journey started at a very young age with baseball and basketball. He really got interested in weight lifting and strength training when he played baseball for two years in college. Once he was done with athletics, he moved on to bodybuilding, where he spent three years building to compete in a physique show. From there his interest moved into CrossFit, which he found to be the perfect training for his competitive side as well as for getting him in the best shape of his life. 

Stacie Taylor

NASM Certified Trainer
NCCPT Personal Trainer
IKFF and TRX Certified
CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Stacie Taylor fell in love with weight training and fitness when she was a student at Boise State University in 2009. She soon decided that she wanted to pursue a path in fitness training and use her passion for training to help people reach their personal goals. She has trained for a variety of fitness goals because she firmly believes in training to become a diverse and well rounded athlete. Whether your goals are weight loss, increased athletic performance, muscle gain, or just overall health and wellness, Stacie can help you reach your goals, and give you the knowledge and tools to continue to progress.