A Health Coach is by definition a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works to help you feel your best through food and lifestyle changes, tailoring a completely individualized wellness program to meet your needs. Every program includes access to a collection of healthy recipes, monthly newsletter, educational handouts and worksheets, and additional tools tailored to your specific needs (books, DVDs, etc).

 Working with a Health Coach you will:

Receive support and accountability in achieving your goals.

Focus on your overall wellness.

Learn which foods are best for you based on your individual needs.

Overcome barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Become self-reliant.

Make health and wellness a lifestyle.



Nutrition Packages

Introduction to Nutrition

12-week program
Weekly 30 min meetings

Focus on general nutritional education. Receive help in goal setting, strategies to achieve them, and accountability. Gain an understanding of your relationship with food, learn to eat to support your physical activity level, lose weight or achieve weight balance, deal with cravings and food addictions, prevent chronic health conditions, and increase energy. 

Complete Health

6-month program
Bi-monthly 45 min meetings

In-depth, holistic program that incorporates focus on all aspects of nourishment in our lives and how it affects our food choices. Gain overall balance, understand and work on your relationship with food, learn how to manage your weight, deal with cravings and food addictions, increase energy, and much more. Meet twice per month, allowing more time to form sustainable habits.

Athletic Development

8-week program
Bi-monthly 45 min meetings

Designed specifically for athletes or those learning how to eat to support their activity level, build strength, and increase focus. Help and support in strategies for sport-specific nutrition. Includes a copy of Katie’s book, The Athlete After: A 10-Week Guide to Balancing Life After Sports, as well as other tools for success.

Optional Add-on

Univera offers patented, plant-based formulas that quickly enhance cellular repair while decreasing cellular damage.
Benefits include:

  • Improved joint comfort and flexibility
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Increased lean muscle and fat burning
  • Repaired metabolism
  • Increased exercise recovery
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved digestive health and immune support