Do you remember riding your bike through the neighborhood streets, the wind on your cheeks, and the smell of fresh cut grass as you yelled goodnight to the other neighborhood kids? Feeling alive, free, and full of opportunity? Summer felt endless, the future rolled out in front of you, and you knew tomorrow was another day to play, ride bikes, climb trees, and adventure with friends. When is the last time you felt that freedom? That genuine excitement that comes from moving your body and the confidence and good vibes that follow? For many, movement has become bothersome; a hassle that must be tolerated. But at the very core of our being- we were made to move. This is why you don't see kids glued to the couch...because as a child we are still connected and aware of the true delight that comes from movement. At Wimberly Training- our purpose is to build a tribe of committed, energized, and positive movers who are not afraid of hard work. We take great satisfaction in reconnecting you to the joy that comes with moving your body and rediscovering the mover within.